Sunday, April 5, 2020



                                                         STRANDED IN NEPAL

Since the across the nation lockdown was brought into impact on March 25, at 06:00 AM to contain the spread of the Corona Virus pandemic in the country, 'COVID Crisis Response Task Unit', framed at Nepal Tourism Board, has been doing each piece to help and salvage the stranded vacationers in various pieces of the country.

Since yesterday, an all outnumber of 137 remote voyagers have been safeguarded so distant from various pieces of Nepal and Nepal Tourism Board NTB assumed a key job to get it going.

The significant salvages are:

60 individuals from Jomsom (46 Tourists and staying Nepali nationals) have been securely safeguarded and brought to Kathmandu toward the beginning of today. All the 46 sightseers are in Self Isolation in inns at Thamel.

NTB mutually with Embassy of France safeguarded 14 voyagers (6 French and staying different nationals) from Lukla by Tara Air trip at 2.30 PM today. Every one of them is kept at Hotel Everest for Self Isolation.

Buddha Air brought 58 French Nationals from Pokhara to Kathmandu today at 4.30 PM. They are likewise kept at Hotel Everest for self-seclusion while some are kept at Thamel.

4 French were saved from Kande and brought to Pokhara yesterday. They will be brought to Kathmandu tomorrow.

10 Foreigners have been protected from Machikhola and Arughat at Manaslu Area with the assistance of the Dharche Manaslu Rural Municipality.

5 vacationers (3 Australian and 2 Spanish) have been protected from Gorkha Bazaar and carried to Kathmandu with the assistance of District Administration Office, Gorkha.

Stranded cases are:

8 Foreigners alongside 11 Nepalese stranded at Sankhushabha while coming back from Kanchanjunga Expedition. (Source: Deputy CDO, Sankhusbabha)

There are still around 25 outsiders at Jagat and Machikhola territories.

Around 150 sightseers are stranded at Lukla at present. The Khumbu Pasanglhamu Rural Municipality has offered to give free settlement and nourishment to all the stranded visitors at Lukla from today. Additionally, not many eateries in Pokhara have begun giving free nourishment also.

Hon. Pastor of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Yogesh Bhattarai stated, "all the stranded sightseers will be protected, kept securely for self-disengagement and encouraged for their sheltered excursion back home".

Nepal Tourism Board has likewise started the "Stranded in Nepal" site, WhatsApp and Twitter to illuminate and refresh the present circumstance of all stranded the nation over. The stranded voyagers would now be able to contact and email their conditions, as per which NTB will make vital coordination and aid their salvage. International safe havens are likewise working in close coordination with the Nepal Tourism Board.

The Crisis Response Unit will be constantly refreshing the advancement with respect to the Tourists' Status in Nepal.

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