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Budget Trekking package in Annapurna & Everest Region for 2019

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Budget Trekking package in Annapurna & Everest Region for 2019


On the behalf of Nepal Wonders Treks & Expedition P. Ltd & Team. We would like to announce booking for Budget Trekking package in Annapurna & Everest Region for 2019. Nepal Wonders Treks is the Wholesale Trekking, Tour and Expedition operator in Nepal. We've been booking affordable adventure for fabulous travelers since 2014. Nepal Wonders Treks expert in Trekking, Tours, accommodation and good vibes- whatever your adventure it starts right here. Hurry up grab a 10% discount for every package of Annapurna and Everest region.
Heaven is a myth. Nepal is real.

Do you have a dream to explore the fabulous places of Nepal? Let us turn your dream into reality. To us, your trip to Nepal is as unique as you are. Nepal Wonders treks provide you high quality and personalized global service, Trekking, and Tour & seamlessly to all enchanting destinations around Nepal.

Annapurna Circuit Trek is the most popular trek which is about 300 km of trails and it has remained as an ideal package for those trekkers who wish to explore mighty Annapurna Trail. We will like to recommend this trek highly because no other treks allow you to indulge variation in altitude as this trek. It starts with from Besisahar (823m) to the highest pass Thorung La (5416m). The trail passes through a different variety of landscapes from sub-tropical rainforest to wooden alpine. Normally Annapurna Circuit Trek was opened to foreigners only in 1980. Since it was opened, It has been able to remark the memorable moments of adventure lovers. On this trails, there is the presence of different ethnic villages, monasteries, primitive culture and traditions which have still kept existence. The Trekkers can enjoy magnificent 360degree views of  Himalayan peaks including Annapurna(8091 m), Dhaulagiri(8167 m), Annapurna II (7937 m), Annapurna III (7555 m), Nilgiri (7041 m), Hiunchuli (6441 m) Tukuche (6920 m) and Machhapuchhre as well as glaciers, lakes and moraines. Nepal Wonders Treks & Expedition designed the tailor-made itinerary concerning upon participants who have normal physical fitness. We will like to assure to participants. Join this trek and leave memories which remark throughout your life.

Everest Base Camp Trek is popular as one of the best trekking route in Nepal. Since it is established from the 1950s. It has been able to attract many visitors from all over the world. The trek provides most exotic scenery of Mountains and a blend of culture. The trail to Everest region begins from the airstrip at Lukla, which is one of the world’s most alarming or thrilling short uphill runway apparently heading into the half of mountain. The trail powers up to the Dudhkoshi River Valley, where the serious scenery is unrevealed. The trial moves through beautiful forest and grand mountain passes as well as villages and monasteries. An elevation to Everest Base Camp Trek starts from (2842m) to (5540m). Trekker’s can experience isolating blend of culture and lifestyle of people who are inhabited to this region. Along the way, trail offers you to see a great view of the Everest (8848 m), Amadablam (6812 m) and many other peaks. The entire region is encircled with Lukla. Normally trail often leads to cross the glacier & moraines, when you are at Lobuche (6119 m) it offers a jaw-dropping view of Taweche, Lhotse, and other peaks. Journey to E.B.C embarks memory of two great legends who conquered mighty Everest on May 29, 1953. Therefore heady mix with its unique blend of fascinating culture and natural beauty it has been able to attract trekker’s who seek for an adventure. Our tailor-made itinerary is designed to ensure you that it would be suitable to trekker’s who have normal physical fitness. Our highly motivated guides allow you to accomplish your dream. Normally our tailor-made itinerary is designed to ensure that you will not face any obstacles during a trek. With its classic and weather variations, it has been able to attract trekkers from all over the world.

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#My Trip to Gosaikunda Lake(Top Sacred Lake)


On the behalf of Nepal Wonders Treks & Expedition P. Ltd & Team. We would like to express our gratitude towards Mike for organizing Gosaikunda Trek with us.Our trip was organized in a rush hour although we made a successful of completion of our Trek in a stipulated time. I was little bit nervous as this trek maximum elevation was (4,100 m). But as a noticed a smiling face of Mike I was motivated by his smile and his thoughts. Together we can achieve. After implementing sudden procedure we marched towards our trek.

It was 14/01/2017 when we planned our trip to Gosaikunda Lake. As usual i was busy for the arrangement of Transportation, permits for Mike before our departure to Syaprubesi. Finally we could hear the blowing horn of our Vehicle at Hotel premises. We gather together and put our stuffs on our jeep. It was almost 07:00 clock when we started our trip. Till Kakani we were on queue. At that moment traffic condition on the road was horrible. It was a Saturday were people move around to celebrate weekend with their family or friends. Though the day was nice and sun shining. On the way we could see some glimpse of Langtang range. It took us more than 9 hours to covered a distance of 118 kilometer from Kathmandu to reach Dhunche. On the way we could noticed living style of people who are inhabitants to Langtang region. We reached to our destination at 09:00pm which was very late. After our dinner we decided to move towards our room because we were too tired. On 15/02/2017 our team members gathered together for briefing before moving towards next destination.

About Gosaikunda Lake
It is located on the north part of Kathmandu which is very near to China. According to mythology it is believed that entire formation of Lake was created by Lord Shiva. For Hindus devotees this place has great significance on its creation of lake. As per the lunar calendar on the auspicious occasion of  Janai Purnima thousands of devotees gather here to attend mela or to praise Lord Shiva. Devotees take a ritual dip in icy water without bothering cold. So that they could fulfill their wish.
Gosaikunda Lake situated at the high Hills where entire area of this region are dominated by high mountains with dense and lush forests. In my context this place is heaven on earth because the view offer by it are simply stupendous beautiful.

Since before we reached to Thulo Syabru (2260m) it was awesome moments to see the miraculous view of Langtang Himal and Ganesh Himal. Each year thousands of trekkers do trekking on these region. Ever since we made our target to reach Gosaikunda. I' ve forgot to write my diary. Because the view which was offered by trail often lead to subtopical forests. Like the entire area has its own identity. We could noticed oaks, chir pine, blue pine, maple, fir, and different species of rhododendron. Thanks to Mike for explaining this things. I don't have any idea about it. On the way i  asked question to my guide. What kinds of animals are inhabitants to these region? My guide was quiet nervous. When i asked question in front of Mike. We were smiling at him. Since he was thinking about his answer. Rarely he could speak wild animals like wild dog, pika, munt jack, musk deer, Himalayan black bear and ghoral can be seen. I was surprised when my guide answer this question. As usual our next destination was to stop at Sing Gompa. Until we reached here it was almost 05:00 pm. We were too slow. After finishing our dinner we began to make a conversation with Hotel owner and our guide. They were amazing Sing gompa is famous for cheese factory we tasted the cheese prepared by our Hotel owner. After finishing our conversation we moved towards our own room. Next day we got to reach Gosaikunda which is located at the elevation of (4360m). Though obstacles were in tremendous with its higher elevations. But the view offered by it was mesmerizing. Lord Shiva he was a lord of Himalayas. When i witness the entire lake really it was great because it has tremendous spiritual values. According to Hindus mythology Lord Shiva flung his trishul over the Himalaya to run water down to cool down his burning throat while swallowing down poison. After formation of Lake Lord Shiva submerged into water to cool down his throat. Therefore Gosaikunda was born.

On the center of the lake we could witness a big stone which is known to be remains of a Shiva shrine. Devotees say that they could see Lord Shiva at the bottom of lake. As per the lunar calendar on the auspicious occasion of Janai purnima along with devotees Jhankri perform some ritual puja to prasie lord on that day. We can witness other neighboring lake near Gosaikunda. It is believed that Lord Shiva created it. Saraswati Kund, Bhairav Kund, Surya Kund, and Ganesh Kund. With the creation of these unique lake Lord Shiva is great.

Exploring around lake was worth while moments. But beware to high altitude sickness when you gradually reach in a high altitude your body gets lower oxygen. Before planning to these trek. Please consult with your doctors. Accommodations on these place are well developed which are operated by people who are inhabitants of these regions. So don't worry about it. Whether you are Trekker or Devotees you will be respecting this place when you visit here. Gosaikunda trek was a worth while trekking experience for a life time.

If you are planning to visit this place. Remember us Nepal Wonders Treks & Expedition P. Ltd will provide you best deals and best service where your memory will last forever.

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Hike to Chandragiri (A day to be remember)

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#Hike to Chandragiri (A day to be remember)


On the behalf of Nepal Wonders Treks & Expedition P. Ltd and Team members. We would like to express warm greeting to Caroline for organizing hiking to Chandragiri Hills with us. Though it was our unplanned trip. But everything went fine than expected. With these blog, I am going to share my hiking experience. It was thrilling moments with a nice person who was indulge in beauty of nature.

It was a day 11/02/2018. I just got a call from my friend Caroline at 05:30 am in the morning. That she was on Kalanki waiting for me. Suddenly I was awake because i was dreaming about the movie that i watched last night. Then in a hurry, I packed my breakfast along with my bagpack. Kalanki wasn't so far from my home. It just took a 5 minutes walk to reach Taxi Station. Caroline was surprised when she saw me in front of her within 10 minutes. We made a further discussion about our plan. Then we took a cab to Matatirtha Pond which is starting point of our hiking. It took 30 minutes drive because the road was under construction. Everything was weird on the way. I am fade up with these government construction project. Still the road is not maintained. The project for these construction was to be made completion by 2018. But till now there is Zero level of work progress. Caroline and Me we were discussing on this topics. I was explaining her about the problem face by people who are inhabitants to these area. Really our government should be ashamed with these work. I don't know when our country will be developed. Our conversation was too long when we were on cab. Suddenly cab was stopped, driver was smiling at us. And i asked him why did you stopped the cab? He was smiling still and he told us that we reached Matatirtha. Both of us we were amazed listening to his voice. Our conversation went too long, we don't even noticed about time. We paid NPR 1500 for cab till Matatirtha Pond. Then we went to Tea shop to drink Tea. Though it was less cold in compare to January. After finishing up our breakfast. Finally I was explaining about hiking route to Caroline. She was feeling so excited while she saw a way.

Then we began to walk around Matatirtha pond which is filled with pedestrian who were on jugging. I explained about history of ponds to Caroline. As per the lunar calendar a major mela is held over here. Where thousands of people gather here to commemorate their loved one who are lost. As I began to tell history about these place. I can witness Caroline was crying. But I asked her but she didn't answer to my question. Then I took her attention to our hiking plan. We made a gentle walk towards hiking trail. Along the way we can noticed some local villagers are climbing up hill to cut grass for their livestock's. Then I was making a translation of Nepali language into English for Caroline. It was almost 07:15 when we began to walk. Till we reached to road way. We couldn't see any visitors. Though trail was passed in between jungles. We can hear the sound of birds as well as wild dogs. Along the way we were making conversations about the guy who was a villagers from Matatirtha. He was telling us his experience to walk up & down hill from Deurali. He told us that he saw a Tiger on the day time. But he was not afraid with it. Because it was a daily routine to cut grass and bring back to his home. Suddenly the guy he left us when we reached a Deurali. It took us 1.5 hours to reach over here. From this point, We can have some glimpse of Langtang range, Dorje Lhakpa, Manaslu and Ganesh Himal. Caroline was busy on taking photographs. It was a first time for her to hike around Kathmandu Valley. Slowly we keep on ascending to up hills to reach Chandragiri Hills. Elevation was around 2551 mtrs from sea level. It was step hill climb. On the way we can see some people who work for construction on hills which are constructed by Chandragiri Hills. They are building a five star hotel and a luxurious resort which is facing towards Kathmandu Valley.

After a 1.5 hours of climb we can witness construction sites. Caroline took some snaps of it then we began to walk towards Hill Station. Almost it was a  10:30 am in the morning when we reached here.
I was explaining history about these hills to Caroline. Early in 1790 A.D this hills station used to be fort for Prithvi Narayan Shah who played a vital role for unification of Nepal. It was a trade route between Kathmandu Valley and other place. It was road way where people used to enter Valley for trading purpose. Chandragiri Hills is located in Makwanpur district. Still there is significant role temple Bhaleshwor Temple where thousand of devotees gather here to praise lord.

As we began to make a conversation between us. Our attention was grabbed by Cable Car. It was newly implemented into existence for visitors who prefer to travel these hills who cannot hike or who are disable or who prefer luxurious trip. But we were not interested on this topics. Then we began to walk around these awesome place. From here we can see great view of Kathmandu Valley  where concrete house was emerging day by day. The Beauty of Kathmandu Valley is almost over with lack of proper rules and regulation which couldn't be implemented by Nepalese government. On north side we can see glimpse of mountains. Though it was foggy weather only few mountains could be seen clearly. A few moments later we moved towards the restaurant which are operated by Chandragiri Hills really it was amazing experience to have a lunch on top of hills. Food served by these restaurant was too good. I highly recommend to Caroline to taste the Nepali Daal Bhat. She was amazed when she saw a food on her table. A plate which was covered with rice along with dal, pickle, cauliflower, chicken, ghee, yogurt and some appetizers. As we finished our lunch still we have to descend down 4 hours to reach Matatirtha. Suddenly Caroline told me that she couldn't walk anymore. I noticed she was tired. Then i grab bought ticket from counters and we were inside cable car. Really it was amazing moments while descending down. Sometimes our way is fully covered with fog. Within a few moments we reached stations. Then we walk along the way to Taxi station then we took a taxi. For Caroline she has to be on her Hotel in Thamel. On the way we began to make our conversation on hiking topics. Really it was awesome moments to hike.  I will like to recommend highly to hike around this fascinating Hills. It was a worth while moments for me and Caroline. Thanks to her for joining Nepal Wonders Treks & Expedition P. Ltd.

If you are planning on hiking around Chandragiri hills . Please remember Nepal Wonders Treks & Expedition P. Ltd. We will provide a best deal and knowledgeable guide who is familiar with these hiking trail.
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Praiseworthy farmers (The Jyapu farmers of the Valley)

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#Praiseworthy(The Jyapu farmers of the Valley)

On the behalf of Nepal Wonders Treks & Expedition P. Ltd & team members. We have prepared our blog to share great effort of the farmer who walk all day to grow vegetables to fulfill regular demand of people who are inhabitants of Kathmandu Valley. While preparing this blog we have been to Lele, Bhaktapur, Khokana, Bungmati to collect information about farming. Though we have to pass through numerous obstacles to gather information. But by the end we have manage to get it. Thanks to all farmers for their kind co-operation who manage little time to answer few question from us. Really it was awesome moment to meet the farmer who where super hero in their daily life. They don't care about the Rainy Season, Winter Season or Summer Season. All days & month they keep on working on their fields to grow crops. In these context some of them were very happy to share their experience with us. So we gather all information about farmers. Hope that my blog will help to share ideas, knowledge. Thanks to all those farmer who helped to supply vegetables for Kathmandu inhabitants to fulfill their regular demand.

Every morning on the dawn jyapus a farmers who carries a swaying basket to uplift weight suspended from one pole to another end carries all vegetables which are grown on their farm to sell on the market. As you can witness when people of Kathmandu before they can witness Sunrise, they can see a Jyapu all they are ready to sell their vegetables. Jyapus don't have any fixed market area so settle down in the front of temples, junction roads. Vendor gather to purchase essential stuffs which are required for daily life. Many of Jyapus make a way to Kathmandu from Thimi, Lubhu, Lele  its a tough job to bring all stuffs in the market from far location. But the jyapus do not hesitate to follow their centuries old traditions. Entire region of Kathmandu Valley is dominate with temples and pagoda which is conquered by jyapus to sell their vegetables. Vendor keep on bargaining with them before buying vegetables. Due to which they have to shout at consumer while selling.

In my context Kathmandu Valley is not dominated by Temples and Stupas. It is also dominated by farming land. Most of the time as per the lunar calendar numerous vibrant colorful festival are celebrated along with the agricultural tradition. On the month of rainy season around Kathmandu Valley or far distance place people gather to plant rice. In these day farmers work on their filed with join co-operation. They take help from everyone in family and relatives to plant the rice. As you can witness on rice field farmers can be seen working together as well as singing, dancing and spreading the mud with their relatives. Rice planting is a colourful festival which is celebrated by all people all over the Nepal equally.  We all people have some respect towards the farmers because they grow seeds from core which has to feed or has been able to fulfill regular demand. You know the obstacles of farmers while working on fields. Still in Nepal there is lack of modern tools for farming. Due to these problem many of crops grow weird because it cannot get its source which is essential in growing phase. In ancient time Kathmandu Valley was ruled by numerous Kings as per the inscription and sculpture dated. On this context we can read history of praiseworthy Jyapus who had play a vital role from their fore fathers. They used to work hard on their field still now we can witness it.

As per the mythology or Sculpture dated all the language and  tradition was divided from Kathmandu Valley. Where many people have migrated from different part of the country in search for jobs, shelter and food. At that moment King has to build monuments and houses for their regime to rule over Kathmandu.So he divided people work and caste as per the work of people. So from that time Jyapus have oriented for hard devotion to work on fileds for growing crops. Still the life of Newari people have not changed yet. Everyday they trudges in their fileds as their forefathers hand over their job from past.

While collecting the information from farmers. I can see their daily lifestyle is same as their forefathers used to live. They are economically backward still they cannot effort their children in higher school. Due to which it is very hard to get better education. Many of the children are deprived from education and they have started to work together with their family members on field. In order to minimize these problem public awareness should be created. So that the children could get proper education. This problem is increasing day by day. Different kinds of social foundations are there to look after it, but till now it has not been able to minimize these up growing problems.

Likewise government has lack of rules and regulation. While comparing India and Nepal. Nepal is backward in using modern equipment for agriculture. So these are major obstacles, also farmer cannot effort modern tools their economic conditions is poor. Government should provide a loan to farmers in a low interest rate. With the help of this policy it will raise living standard of farmers. But who cares there problem. Government doesn't even look after problem face by farmers. If we could manage a joint co-operatives it will help to create funds which enhance living standards of farmers.

Nepal Wonders Treks & Expedition P. Ltd organizes annual day festival to plant rice on the monsoon season. Join us our trip to support farmers while planting rice. We will provide 15% aid for farmers to buy modern equipment & tools which are required on daily life. We team members are raising funds creating rice planting festivals. If you are willing to support these trip join us.

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Pashupatinath Nepal greatest treasure and holiest pilgrimage sites

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#Pashupatinath Nepal greatest treasure and holiest pilgrimage sites
#On the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivaratri


On the behalf of Nepal Wonders Treks & Expedition P. Ltd & team members. We will like to wish you Maha Shivaratri to all of the people who belong to different part of the religions. May this auspicious occasion bring joys and prosperity. As per the lunar calendar these auspicious occasion dated on the month of Falgun (February). I have prepared my blog to share my knowledge and ideas  as well as to highlight  Pashupati for Maha Shivaratri in the Name of Lord Shiva.
Jai Shamboo!!


Nepal land of hidden paradise. It is rich in natural resources as well as rich in terms Hindu religions. There are numerous monuments and temple which belong to Hinduism. But all of the temples and monument are worshiped by Hinduism and Buddhism equally. All of these religion have equal faith due to which they are bounded.

On the auspicious occasions of Maha Shivaratri. I have prepared my blog to show immensely significant importance of Pashupati Area. According to the mythology it is believed that this temple was built by King Jaya Jyoti Malla in 1416. On the context of 1416 the pristine temple faced a obstacles from termites, due to which temple supports begun to weaken day by day. But it was restored by Queen Gangadevi restored the affected area in 1655. As we scroll down the history it was rebuild again by Bhupalendra Malla in 1697. It is believed that countless devotees make a visit to Pashupatinath everyday. Devotees are always drawn to the riverside platform for bathing.

During the auspicious occasions of Maha Shivaratri some of the devotees travel thousand mile bare foot to praise Lord Shiva. Many of the devotees don't care about obstacles they might face on their ways. Both in-bound and out- bound visitors stand in line for hours to obtain darshan, offering puja and taking ritual baths.

Shivaratri is regarded as most important and auspicious colorful festival as per the mythology. It is celebrated from its existence. Thousands of devotees visit Pashupatinath in this occasion to praise lord and to watch Sadhus who are ash covered, wild-haired, carry mendicants. Many of the Sadhus are believed to spend their daily life in meditation and some of them offers lectures to their followers. They smoke marijuana and they have belief that it benefits them. On this day Nepal's law allows to smoke marijuana. Pashupatinath areas will smells like a ganja competes, incense,cremation and burning fire wood.Sadhus are to believed that they focus their most of the time in meditations.

Shivaratri is dedicated towards devotion of devotees toward Lord Shiva. It is believed we do praise lord. The lord guide us to follow path towards Enlightment. As per the lunar calendar the festival falls on the Season of Basanta Ritu. It is month where new plant and leaves of trees are grown.
According to Hinduism Brahma is the creator of the universe and Vishnu is the preserver.Lord  Shiva is destroyer where he over sees the ending.

Take a look around on the auspicious occasion of Shivaratri you can witness numerous devotees gather to celebrate festival with peace and harmony.

Pashupatinath is worshiped by Hindus to praise the Lord of Animals. As per the mythology reading dated sculptures and inscriptions prove that it was existed from the fifth century. The kings who ruled Nepal from the different regime made a great contribution in terms of preservation, restoration of the temple. As per the dated inscription many of the king and visitors who made a visit to Pashupatinath. They had helped in restoration of temple. It is believed that temple was at the top of hill where Bagmati river was a big gorge. Later on stairs and ghats were made in preservation of temple.
Different kinds of Temples and Stupa were build in a co-ordination where it helped to create more significance role for major attraction.

If you are planning to visit Pashupatinath it is located in the center of Kathmandu 5 km on the way to airport. It takes half an hour bus ride or cab ride. If you are planning to walk it will take about 2 hours up & down to reach it. Most of the visitor spend only half an hours to visit this fascinating place. But if you have a time at least you need to stay 4 - 5 hours. Foreigners have to pay a entrance fee to visit. Be careful watch out your stuffs. As you can witness monkeys and beggars who tease you.

Nepal Wonders Treks & Expedition P. Ltd provide a day tours remember us for special package. We provide you a Tour guide and fleet which helps your trip to go well. Our guide have a good knowledge about historic information of all temples and monuments.

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Facts about incredible Nepal

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#Facts about incredible Nepal

On the behalf of Nepal Wonders Treks & Expedition P. Ltd. We would like to express gratitude to our team members and local people who share their valuable time for providing information. We have prepared these blog to enhance Nepal as well as people living in it. Hope that our blog will  be more essential to all those travelers from different part of the world where they can see or collect information before traveling to Nepal. Our main motto in creating this blog is to share our knowledge, ideas to all those traveler who pursue adventure. Feel free to contact us we are here to assist you.

#Fact about incredible Nepal

Nepal is a land locked country. Located in the middle of two giants nation. Border of Nepal is bounded by India in West and Tibet to the north. Area of Nepal 147,181 s.q km. Nepal is rich in terms of biodiversity, flora and fauna. It is a homeland to abode lord Shiva as well as birth place of Lord Gautam Buddha. Bounded by Hindusim and Buddhism. Most of people inhabitants to this country follow different religions.

Nepal is rich in water resources most of the area of its is covered with snow-capped peak. It has extend to elevation from 88848 m to lower elevation  which located in Kechana Kalan on Jhapa which is 60 m. With the variations in terms of climate and bio diversity. It has been able to grab attention of people from all over the world. Home Land of eight thousanders peaks ( Everest 8848 m), (Kanchenjunga 8586 m),(Manaslu 8156 m), (Makalu 8481 m),  (Dhaulagiri 8167 m),(Lhotse 8516 m), (Choyu 8201 m), (Annapurna 8091 m). Most of the area of mountain is border with China and India. Nepal is renowned to god gifted country as you can witness beautiful creation of natural resources like gushing rivers, ever green smiling snow-capped peaks,fascinating views of terai plains. As well as flora and fauna which have its own significant role in terms of creating its own identity.
Similarly people living in these country are really well mannered, they know how to greet the foreigners. They are always ready to assits travelers. Likewise if you go through the religion. Most of the people belong to Hindusim. But they celebrate different kinds of festival which belongs to different community equally. Here you can witness the peace and harmony among people. One of the most fascinating view is Nepal has adaptable religion which is favorable to different kinds of people. As you can noticed or read magazines, calendar nepali people celebrate 365 days festivals. Most of the festival are celebrated from their ancester as per lunar calendar. In my view we nepalese people are really amazing, we do respect to our cultures and traditions. We are inhabitants to land under sharing shadow of Umbrella. All thanks to our beloved king Prithvi Narayan Shah who contributed great role in unifications of these nations. I feel proud to be Nepali. Though we are backward in development, but nepalese people have their own identity. Gurkha Soldiers who sacrifice their lifes by fighting with other nations. With these incredible role nepalese people have a good reputations all over the world.

 Nepal is encircled with climatic variations. The tropical heat of Terai to the freezing cold of the Himalayas. Due to which people living in different part of this country are able to grow seasonal crops. Normally temperature in lower part are in between -6 to 16 degrees. But in High Himalayas it falls to 0 degress Celsius which is freezing point.
If you are willing to travel Nepal. Please pack your bag pack as per calendar schedule of seasons. In a travel context Nepal has a good season all year around. Where you can witness season. On winter season you can see Snow-Capped Mountains and Hills. In rainy season you can see gushing rivers as well as people planting rice plants on their terraced fields. Nepal is simply fascinating destinations to all those travelers who are in search to witness adaptable culture and environments.

Nepal is a home land to over 30 species of large wild animals and 180 species mammals. Wild animals found here are Rhinocerous, Tiger, Crocodile, Snow Leopard, Black Bear, Red panda and etc.. Traveler can witness beauty of wildlife in different part of these country. Chitwan is famous for observing Tigers, Crocodile breeding centre, Elephant breeding centre and Tharu culture. But in High Himalayas you can witness Snow leopard, different species of birds and other wild animals.

#People living on Nepal
Most of the people who are living in it belong to different ethnic groups who have their own language and cultures. Although they are divided by different culture, but they have unity. They are divided into different groups likewise Newars they live in Kathmandu valley. Chettris,Brahmins,Rais, Gurung and etc they are inhabitants to Hills. But Sherpa people are quiet different they live in high himalayas.
Similarly Maithili,Bhojpuri and Tharus lives in lowland which is located in Terai region.

Nepal has numerous language which are spoken by different people who belong different community. English and Hindi language are highly understood by people. But i recommend you to practise these word which is superior to communicate.
Namaste - To greet/Respect
Dhanyawaad - Thank you
Feri Bhetaula - See you again

If you have further queries regardind this blog. Please do share your comments on our blog.
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